Friday, September 2, 2011

Your True Gift


What is your true gift? Can you feel its warm glow inside? Can you feel this evolutionary impulse of life seeking to express itself through you?
For just as the sun unquestioningly radiates its light, inside of you lies an equally powerful energy that yearns to shine.
Do you constrain this energy? Do you curtail it for fear of judgment, failure, or loss? Do you imprison this magic?
Lock an eagle in a cage and she will fly into the bars, scrape at the walls, and cry for help, until she finally numbs to the effects of captivity.
Your soul was born free. Your soul was born to soar to the heavens and beyond.
For when you allow your true gift to express, a divine spark ignites inside. It rekindles the flame of passion, faith, and love inside every cell of your body. It melts away all walls of worry and doubt.  
It is your sacred duty to express all of who you are. For when you allow your true gift to shine brightly, it becomes a fire of love whose light frees the world from the dark shadows of judgment and fear.

-- Rich Birecki

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